Saturday, May 16, 2020
5:00 PM GMT+1
Conference Panel Speaker: David Zweig

The Covid-19 pandemic has arrived at a time of economic and geopolitical crossroads in the development paths of many African nations. Alongside the health concerns, the social, financial and technological impacts of the pandemic bring additional complexity, dilemmas and responsibility to the decision making process across the continent.

Created by Global Strategic Platform (a network of analysts, academics and journalists in various continents), and supported by Cal Maritime, the main objective of Africa Sessions is to organize and promote cycles of conferences to foster analytical dialogue between experts on crucial themes, using an online platform and institutional support to bring the discussion to a wide audience.

The main participants in the panels include analysts, academics, diplomats and other government officials, business leaders, civil society organizers, journalists.

The conferences, which will last 90 minutes (via the Zoom platform) will include up to half a dozen panel members, two chairs and two moderators and will be open to the public, after registration.

Besides live transmissions, the conferences will be available on Facebook for later viewing and will later be used for production of written materials.1

The cycle begins on Saturday, May 16th, at 17h00 (GMT+1), with an online conference on “Rethinking International Relations in Africa after Covid-19”.

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