Dear Friends, colleagues and others interested in China,

I just passed another milestone in my career!

In 2015, at the request of my former university, HKUST, I worked for several months with a great team to video two courses on China, Part 1, on domestic politics, called “China and Political Science,” and Part 2, on “China and the World.”

Well, two weeks ago I taught my 20,000th student! As of today, 14,564 students have heard me lecture on domestic China and 6,132 have attended China and the World.

The feedback is quite positive (83.6% rank it 5 of 5) and although some things have changed since 2015, the contours of Xi Jinping’s centralization of power, his plans related to the China Dream and the “Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation,” his Belt and Road Initiative, his problems with Southeast Asia in the South China Sea, the use of economic power to expand China’s influence, and troubles with the US, were already in play.  (The biggest gap is probably Trump’s challenge to China)

There are 19 hours of lectures in Part 1 which can be found at:  and 14 hours in Part 2, found at: 

Check it out!