China Perspectives-2013-1Educating a New Generation of Students: Transferring knowledge and norms from Hong Kong to the mainland

Amy Liu Mei Heung and David Zweig
Printed versionDate of publication: 15 March 2013
Number of pages: 73-86ISSN: 2070-3449
Electronic reference Amy Liu Mei Heung and David Zweig, China Perspectives[Online], 2013/1 | 2013
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ABSTRACT: All Hong Kong universities have been actively influencing education in China since 1997. The major methods include: running an independent university in one case, and managing and transforming four colleges in another; training many mainland students in Hong Kong who upon graduation return there; and serving as a home base on the doorstep of the mainland from which academics can influence their colleagues across the border. This paper shows how all these methods transfer a new set of academic norms prevalent in Hong Kong to the mainland.

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China Perspectives, v. 2013, (1), 2013, p. 73-86