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Science, Technology and Society


Science, Technology & Society 13:1 (2008): 1–33
David Zweig
Chung Siu Fung
Donglin Han

ABSTRACT: For many years, China’s government worried about the ‘brain drain’. But beginning in 1992, China began to encourage students settled abroad to return for short visits and en-gage in various programmes on the Chinese mainland. Then, in 2001, the government adopted a new policy, encouraging overseas mainlanders to contribute to China’s modernisation, even if they stayed abroad, and outlining various ways they could help China. This policy mirrors the strategies of other countries who encourage ‘brain circulation’ and develop a ‘diaspora option’ in order to overcome the loss of talented people. But what forms does this assistance take? Why do people contribute to China’s modernisation while remaining abroad? What are the characteristics of those who ‘serve China’, as compared to those who do not? We employ data from a survey in Silicon Valley, as well as two Web-based surveys carried out in Canada and the US with mainland Chinese academics to answer these questions

Science, Technology & Society 13:1 (2008): 1–33
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