Journal-of-Contemporary ChinaJournal of Contemporary China, 11(32), 2002, pp. 495-513
Zweig, David Stephen; Alford, William P.; Weller, Robert P.; Hall, Leslyn; Polenske, Karen R.; Shen, Yuanyuan

ABSTRACT: The People’s Republic of China is experiencing severe air pollution with very serious public health and economic consequences. Over the past decade, the Chinese government has sought to utilize bureaucratic, political, legal and educational vehicles to address these problems. This paper examines the ways in which those policy measures have been communicated to, understood by, and acted upon by the citizenry, drawing in important part on household and epidemiological surveys conducted in Anhui. Our study suggests that the central government’s message has yet to be absorbed to the degree intended and then considers both why this has been the case and how the effectiveness of policy mechanisms might be enhanced.

Journal of Contemporary China, 11 (32), 2002, pp. 495-513